Incredible Ways to Save when Booking a Cruise

So you are thinking about booking a cruise, you’ve researched the various cruise lines, found the one you like and now you’re ready to book it! That’s great, but just hold on for a second! Before booking your cruise read this article and learn the 5 incredible ways to save money when booking a cruise.

Remember the more money you save the more you have to spend. The more spending money you have the more fun you can have!

1. Booking Early

Booking your cruise 6 – 8 months before you leave will save you quite a bit of cash. Cruise lines want their cabins to be filled. When they know they can sell you a cabin a few months before, they give you a discount. This allows them to add to their profit sheets. It gives them one less cabin to worry about in the coming months. So book early and save money!

2. Pay as Early as Possible

When you pay the cruise line 6 months in advance you save money, It isn’t uncommon to save at least 10 – 25% on your total. That’s an amazing save! Think about all the extra things you can do and buy with that money!

3. Booking as Late as Possible

This needs to be timed and planned, but booking late can reduce the total cost by 50%. The downside of booking late is: you might not get a cabin, or you have a very limited amount of cabins to choose from.

4. Group up

Groups save money when they travel together. Cruises love when you have a bunch of people that want to use their cruise line. For a good number of people from 4 to 9,  you can expect for a very nice discount. Add this technique with booking and paying in advance and you have some killer savings.

The best way to find a group of people is to ask your family. If you don’t want your relatives along, then consider asking friends or co-workers. You could also find a forum for cruisers and see if there are already groups that you could join. Many people group up to get a large group discount.

5. How Much Do you Value a View

When purchasing your cabin you should consider buying a “In-room” cabin. In-room cabins normally don’t have a window. So you don’t have a view. This can ruin a cruise for some, but for some others it makes no different. A room is only used for sleeping, changing clothes, showering, and adult activities. So be sure to check out the cabins that most people don’t buy in advance.

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