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Admitted to the Union in 1819 as the 19th state, Indiana is geographically located in the Midwest portion of the United States. Most famous for the Indianapolis 500, the world’s biggest one day sporting event, Indiana has a long and proud sporting tradition.

Indiana’s citizens love basketball so much the state is known as the Hoosier State. Indiana’s state name means simple land of the Indians. This makes sense as a 2003 archeological dig in the state uncovered a carved Native American bone tool that dates back 10400 years and the country’s best preserved Native site, Angle Mounds State Historic Site, is located in Indiana near Evansville.

Indiana’s economy is based primarily on manufacturing, although part of the state is located in the United States Corn Belt so agriculture also plays and important role.

Several famous people call Indiana their home including:  John Mellencamp, Steve McQueen, Vivica A. Fox and Brendan Fraser.

Map of Indiana:

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