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Internet Traffic: How to Boost Online Business Websites

Boost Online Business Website TrafficGet ready to work in a different way, get ready to work smart. I’ve been in the field of SEO and getting traffic for almost 10 years, and I’m about to show you some insight tips on how to get Internet traffic to your website and how to boost your online business ranking in a smart and short way. As you already know, Internet traffic is the fuel of any online business, without it your biz doesn’t worth working for.

There are 3 effective ways to boost online business website traffic that I use myself to get Internet traffic for my personal websites. While reading this article, focus and try to implement these tips as quick as possible and I also demand if you can share your best tips with us, to make this post a gold mine of tested working techniques to get free Internet traffic.

Work on the second and third page organic traffic

Did you ever browsed through the second or the third page of SERPs? In most cases, you find what you’re looking for in the first page. So, even if your pages are in the 2nd or 3rd page, you’ll get no Internet traffic, like if you are in page 50 or 385. However, you can still target your internal pages sitting on page 2 and 3 by a smart internal linking strategy.

Use online tracking tools like Google Webmaster tools and SEMRush, your website statistics via Google Analytics, to find pages ranking in the second and third page. Organization is crucial at this point; create a list of these pages and save it for the next step. Now, proceed and find your top pages that dominate the first page of the search engines results pages, write it down to start working smart on one of the best techniques that most people ignore. Once you are done with that, get ready to boost and generate instant Internet traffic, try to analyze these pages in order to do some smart internal linking, get some good link juice from pages on top to pages sitting on the 2nd and 3rd page. Bear in mind to choose long tail keywords for your internal linking strategy. This method is tested by myself and I’m assuring you that this technique is working as magic, just give it some time to take effect, and you’ll notice that your buried pages flying to the first page.

Create a list of sites and newsletters in your niche that you need Internet traffic from

It may seem easy for you to subscribe to newsletters and to make a list of sites in your niche. However, you should focus on websites getting targeted traffic to get links from. Subscribe to their newsletters; get insight information that can be used to get into the game, then use their weapons in order to link to them using information token from their newsletter. Most people think that giving links to others will harm their reputation and take link juice. This is not true; the principle of today’s SEO to boost Internet traffic is to look natural. So giving links to others in your niche can be very profitable for your online business idea. After that, you may consider commenting on their website, thank them for the useful information provided and post your content link on their websites. Try to contact them, and convince them that you find them awesome and you are amazing too and a partnership can make the business easier and more profitable. If your content is great, don’t be ashamed to bother them, this is not spamming, this is real networking. For example, if you have a website on real estate niche, do some research via Internet to find all high traffic websites in your area, make a list of them and create a well written blog post, using their information, featuring all these websites and how much useful information they provide; kind of pros and cons; then contact them and comment on all the websites that you have reviewed after publishing the post.

Target and address long tail keywords with low search volume

Do you think that everybody knows about this? Yes, it’s true almost all writers, content providers and SEO specialists take this on consideration. Nevertheless, they all stand for keywords with more than 50 searches. They skip these keywords because they think it isn’t worth it, however guess what? You can still rank for these keywords with little SEO, only a proper on-page optimization will guarantee you free traffic and top ranking to boost your Internet traffic. Let’s do some simple mathematics, you target one low volume keyword search per day and per article, the key here is to be consistent and start publishing one article per day, so we get: 50 x 30 = 1500 very targeted visitors per month!

You better use Google ad Planner or any other keyword tool to get your list of low search volume keywords, write your post and bear in mind to use keyword density in a smart way, image ALT tags and H1, H2 and H3.

You’ll be amazed on how this traffic can be much more profitable than general keywords traffic. Try to see the global image of the puzzle; getting together small pieces lead to a well-organized picture.

This is it; I hope that you may find one of these tips useful for your online business to boost Internet traffic. I appreciate your feedback and would adore seeing you sharing your tested working tips. Cheers!

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