iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The iPad 2, beyond a doubt, is a great tablet computer in this day and age. Since the tablet era began, it’s held its position at the top. It wasn’t until later that the competitors like Asus, Motorola, and Samsung could actually catch up.

Samsung for one has been a close competitor of Apple in the area of devices. Whenever Apple launched the iPhone 3 and the 4, then Samsung released the Wave and the Galaxy series. When the iPad was released, then Galaxy was released from Samsung. It was smaller in terms of screen size, but made up for it with other features like the software. Apple never did endorse Flash, which is unlike Samsung that uses an Android OS. It’s very easy to add applications to an Android smart phone and all other devices, and this is a major reason why the Samsung product can hold its ground alongside Apple products in the market for tablet PCs.

iPad 2 versus Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Today, Apple seems to be stepping up their game with the announcement of the iPad 2. Samsung, keeping with the spirit of fair competition, released the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on 8th June, 2011. Both tablet PCs are no more than just upgrades of their former models, but with additional features. It doesn’t seem like it’s been but a few months since the predecessors were released. So let’s look a bit closer, and compare a few things.

Let’s begin with the processors. The iPad 2 uses a dual-core processor, known as an ‘A5’. It can deliver about double the power as the original iPad. So the Galaxy 10.1 uses a dual-core processor as well, called the ‘Nvidia Tegra’. What they have in common is that they both feature a 1GHz specification. This puts them pretty close in terms of competition.

So what about screen display? Well, the iPad 2 has the same display that the original had, and it’s 9.7 inches. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 features a much improved screen of 1280×800 pixels that is 10.1 inches in size, and is bigger than the one that iPad 2 has.

Now we come to the operating system. Apple still likes its iOS system on their devices, but some changes have been made between the original iPad and the new iPad 2. At the same time, the Galaxy 10.1 uses the ‘honeycomb OS’ that most people find very user-friendly.

Finally, we come to design. If you put these two together, side by side, then you’ll come to your own conclusions. You have the Galaxy Tab, which is absolutely stronger and bulky, and then the iPad 2 that is slimmer and lighter. That’s mainly why Apple excels and tops the competition!

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