iPad & iPhone Put iOS Way Ahead in Mobile OS War

Iphone and Ipad iOS1During Apple first quarter 2012, Cook said that he firmly believes that the iOS in Apple’s iPhone device is the major component for the Company future. Moreover, he made it clear that success behind the two powerful Apple devices iPhone 4S and iPad is indicative of the slow more away from your personal computer. He was asked that if iOS and Android OS was becoming a same race just like the Windows and Mac operating system. For this question, he explained that the market of mobile device is much more nuanced than the other devices. It is true that the MAC operating system has increased in the market from more than 20 quarters in a single row but still it this operating system is just a one percent of the world market as compared to the Windows operating system.

iOS is designed for the Apple phones and tablets and the company has sold more than 350 million iOS devices while more than 62 million of these devices were done in just the previous quarter and this is a great success for the Apple Company. It seems that Apple’s iPhone mobile device has increased its growth due to huge demand as compared to the Android handsets. Apple succeeded to deliver the 37 million iPhones to the market in last quarter.

Android vs Apple iOSIf we talk about the iOS products future, it reveals that the Apple tablets such as iPad device will surpass the PC market all around the world. This continues growth of Apple iOS products show that it will happen soon. According to Company, the Apple users want to get the tablets in different ways. They also want the limited function tablets for use and now Apple is working to fulfill the demands of their customers in future iOS products.

There is a tight race between the Apple’s iPhone product and Android device but the great iPhone and iPad devices are all time one step ahead in the mobile OS war. Apple offers the peerless in litany of models that are running on Android OS, Windows OS and few other platforms. iPhone is not the only device that made a fast growth but iPad also surpassed the mobile market. According to Cook, they sold more than 15.4 million Apple iPad devices and they are really happy for this. iPad has opened another great opportunity for Apple to compete the mobile operating system war in market.

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