iPhone 4 Battery Cases Review

Since the launch of the iPhone 4 it does not get that much success because of its battery life. What all iPhone users can do is the use of case which integrates an additional battery. And this is the most convenient solution to this problem. You just have to plug in your iPhone into the case, while the battery of case has charge.

The 8 different types of iPhone cases include: Third Rail Slim Case and Smart Battery System, IvySkin Quattro for Smart Cases with Battery Pack, Sol Solar-Powered Charging Case, Incase Snap Battery Case, IncipoOffGrid, Mophie Juice Pack Air, Mophie Juice Pack Plus, ExogearExolife Rechargeable Battery Case.

Best iPhone 4 Battery CasesMophie Juice Pack Plus: It offers the power that is more than double to the iPhone’s battery life. It is one of the largest capacity batteries. This case comprises of mainly two parts: the iPhone is set in the lower section of the case and then the upper part of the case is attached.

Mophie Juice Pack Air: Its features are almost similar to the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. The major difference between the two lies in the battery timings of both the cases. It holds fewer power than the Plus.

Incipo Off Grid Battery Case: It holds power nearly double than your iPhone’s battery life. Like juice Pack Plus, it also consists of two parts: the slide in bottom section and a slide on cap. It is made up with a solid black plastic

Incase Snap Battery Case: This case is made of a single piece of rubber and plastic and it has its own connector through which the case is charged.

Third Rail Slim Case: Batteries in this case are not attached with the case whereas these are sold separately and are attached to the outside of the case.

IvySkin Quattro for Smart Case:  This case is made of three parts. Besides the two rubber and plastic splits are slide on iPhone from the bottom and top, it also consists a thin glass cover that sets on iPhone’s screen.

Sol Solar-Powered Charging Case:It has rubbery surface with the bumps on its sides and the back of the case consists of resin coated solar Panel.

Exogear Exolife Rechargeable Battery Case: It is also made of two pieces. It has a plastic bumper that holds the iPhone and case together and a dock connector stand with a battery back plate.

All of these iPhone Battery cases also have many other stimulating features that boost battery life of iPhone and enhance the appearance of the iPhone.

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