iPhone the Telecom Market Killer

iPhone MarketBefore its decision to diversify its production to include consumer electronics, Apple Computers Inc. was associated with everything that had to do with the computer industry, ranging from hardware to software. By the close of the twentieth century it began to signal its intentions of venturing extensively into the consumer electronics industry without abandoning the computer world. For good reasons, which included its policy of deliberately avoiding the tendency of haven to be pushed into bankruptcy due to increasing competition from new gainers like Microsoft and Dell, it kept looking up to the market as the institution endowed with the strong leverage to turn its dwindling fortunes around. Indeed, for Apple, cowing down to its competitors was out of the question. So what really kept them going?

The market environment is strategically conducive for whoever is strategically alert to take advantage of the rewards on offer. Motivated by the market regulatory capacity, the Apple team, embarked on an ambitious policy of gaining a large chunk of the market capitalization, diversifies its portfolio, and consolidates its gains. Arguably, today that has paid so much. How did it all come about?

iPhone MarketTo begin, let us not overlook the fact that Apple’s assortment of i-products has being the master key that unlocked all the gains credited to Apple today. The iPod range of media players ushered in this dispensation of profitability, due to increased sales. On this premise, I can then proceed to assert that, this solid reputation of Apple in the minds of the consuming public precipitated the need to deliver more to meet the insatiable demands of both its loyal customers and non-loyalist alike.

Having established its market reputation through the quality of its products particularly from the iPod family, top executive Steve Jobs, thrilled the world with the announcement of the new iPhone brand. The iPhone literally has added nothing to what we already know. What it has rather done is taking the cell phone world one-step further by bringing together all its existing technology into a single gadget that will serve the consumer better. In simple terms this all about the fun fair and pageantry of the new iPhone. If you by chance should acquire any of these latest models, then you are assured of a cell phone that has integrated networking component that will serve in the following ways :

  • An enhanced internet communication service
  • A media player with the luxury of both audiovisual play systems
  • Efficient digital camera operator
  • Energy efficiency
  • Above all, presented in single portable computer device for convenience and user friendliness

Overall, brand strength has lead to brand loyalty with a resulting reward of a market invincibility. What iPhone has done to Apple is synonymous to given it the confident voice to challenge its competitors saying catch me if you can, I am out for the kill.

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