Job Hunting: Basic Rules

Searching for a job is not easy, especially in the current situation. It is therefore important to search carefully and keep a steady rate. To be easier to organize I have prepared some basic rules that you can use when you go for job hunting. Whether you decided to do a resign from current job, you were fired or you are looking for a job for the first time, you need a lot of military organization and motivation.

It happens very rarely to find what you want right from the first interview, so you should not give up, keep your  determination. No traces of negative thoughts! Use these tricks to increase your chances to get the job of your dreams:

Make a beat

For finding a job you have to search about an hour, two every day. You have to set a time to make all letters of intent and meet mail-ups from employers.

Structure the day

Try to hunt down job slots available at these hours, 9-12 or 14-17. In this way you will be able to call prospective employers without trouble.

Use your contacts

There is no shame to use your contacts to get a desired job. Get recommendations from former employers to demonstrate your skills.

Focus on what you do

To look for a job is a stressful and serious activity. We need to provide sufficient time and should be aware that nothing is easy.

Do not give up

You don’t have to put your life on “pause” until you find a job. Try to relax in the moments when you are not looking for a job.

Call upon family

Than accepting a job that is not right, better ask for family / friends help if your financial situation does not allow extended searches.

Don’t stop

Don’t have to despair, you will certainly find the job you want. 

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