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Located in the Midwest portion of the United States, in a region often described as ‘America’s Breadbasket,’ Kansas is named after the Kansa Tribe, a Native American Tribe who lived in the area. Europeans first reached Kansas in 1830’s, but the state didn’t come into its own until the civil war era.

Kansas was a hotly contested territory between the pro-slavery and abolitionist and much violence occurred there earning it the title “Bloody Kansas.” It was admitted into the Union in 1861 as a free state and became a haven for immigrants after the Civil War.

As one might expect, Kansas’s major industry is agriculture with major crops being sunflower, sorghum and wheat. Kansas has a topography that is flat for the most part. The eastern portion of the state does have many hills and some forests. 

Kansas has two major waterways, the Kansas and the Missouri Rivers. Kansas is a unique state. Map of Kansas:

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