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Lamborghini X Concept vs Lamborghini Reventon

The Lamborghini Reventon design didn’t impressed Emil Baddal, an artist and designer from Iran. So, he decided to create a new Lamborghini concept, It’s called the Lamborghini X concept.

Check out this awsome concept design:

How do you find it? Wich one do you prefer, this concept or the normal Lamborghini Reventon concept?

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  • It's absolutely crazy out of this world type of car!

    I love it and want one so bad!

  • Nice looking site you have - are you having fun with it? It's interesting and well worth the time to visit.

  • I realize a lot of what I'm reading lately has to do with the current financial crisis, but your post is another story :) thank you for sharing this!

  • Domt like the 'ass' (the "yellow" one) so ... reventon is my favorite for now , beside that my LP560 is pretty cool too ;)

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