Leadership Development Tips

When it comes to ascertaining the distinguished lot among the leaders, the factor that separates men from boys is their thirst for knowledge. Such distinguished leaders are always on the lookout for new methods to enhance their leadership skills. To cater to this seeking lot, many leadership development seminars are conducted regularly all over the world.

Generally, it is the same concepts that are taught in all these leadership development seminars, the only thing that changes is the method by which they’re put across.

If you’ve been to one such seminar, you must have found the same points repeated over and over again. However, just to refresh your memory once more, we’re sharing some of them as follows:

Be Kind

No one was born perfect and it remains an inevitable fact that people will make mistakes. However, what will determine their and your success eventually is how you react at such times. Don’t castigate them just because they are on a learning curve.

You must realize that identification of mistakes is also a positive sign and clearly redefines the targets for an individual. Instead of reprimanding the individual, make him/her aware of the opportunity of growth and help him/her coming up with a solution.

Such gestures will elevate you in the eyes of your peers and will enhance their confidence in their own abilities.

Stop Discrimination

Encouraging or paying extra attention to one employee is not bad. However, when it happens at the cost of neglecting all others, it can look quite undesirable. Prejudicial practices like favoritism have no place in the new age work environment that promotes meritocracy. Every one deserves an equal opportunity to grow in a competitive business environment.

It often happens that the leaders who encourage favoritism in an organization, become its own victim in due course of time. The tables can turn when the employee who was enjoying special treatment stops performing up to the expectations.

Be a Good Listener

Being a patient listener is an essential art that must be mastered to take over the pedestal of a leader. It is an often repeated advice in the management parlance, as it plays an important role in determining the pulse of the organization. If the employees of an organization remain unheard, there will be no means left to indulge in constant improvement of the business systems.

Every individual in an organization deserves an ear to his/her opinion. When given their due, even the most insignificant looking individuals in an organization can come up with the most innovative solutions. Listening also facilitates easy transition of facts, knowledge and learning tools.

Keep your emotions under control

It is essential for an effective leader to not let his/her emotions get the better of him/her. Negative feelings of taking revenge for the unintentional actions of ones peers or subordinates amounts to disrespecting ones position in the organization. Just because you are a senior doesn’t give you an automatic license to insult.

Such behavior also sets a bad example for the potential successors who may eventually indulge in similar practices. It also undermines your ability and skills as a leader to resolve conflicts.

Hence, to conclude, if practiced to the letter, the above-mentioned advices can turn into catalysts for your growth as an effective leader. Not only will you be respected by your peers and subordinates in the organization, the overall performance levels of every one will get enhanced due to better employee satisfaction.

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