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Link Development Tips

Every webmaster try hard to build his links by collecting the maximum of backlinks. But only successful webmasters and SEO experts follow these rules to get strong links as soon as possible.

Link Bluiding

There are some rules you should to follow when you start building links :

1- Vary anchor text of your website.

2- Include different Keywords in title.

3- Link to the site from different class C – IPs (Important factor for SERP.)

4- Vary Type of sites, like blogs, article resources, directories etc..

5- Don’t get all your links from newer sites, try to get links from older (and trusted) sites as well.

6- Don’t get all your links from same location (i.e. all links from footer etc..)

7- Try to get links from relevant content/industry.

8- Try to have backlinks from varied PR (If you’re getting a lot of PR6 Links that will adversely affect as SE may think, you’re purchasing high PR Links).

9- Try to get authority links, like links from news sites, official blogs, etc..

10- Don’t try to build hundreds of links quickly ( in a short period ).

Link Building

Do you have another tip ? post it here via comment and we will add it to the post. Share your knowledge.

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