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Maine is the state that is furthest east of all of the states in the Union. It is part of New England. Maine has a vast and varied topography and is famous for its jagged coastline although it also contains mountains and heavily forested areas. Originally inhabited by the Algonquians, both the French and the English colonized the area.

During the 1600’s many colonies were established, but most were wiped out by aggressive native forces and the difficult terrain. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts and it did not become a state until 1820 when it was admitted to the union as the 23rd state by the Missouri Compromise.

Today Maine is most famous for it seafood, mostly crab and lobster. Maine has many famous citizens include Dan Fogelburg, John Ford and Liv Tyler. It is interesting to note that many of the novels by famed horror author Stephen King are set in Maine.

Map of Maine:

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