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Making Money in the Make Money Online Niche

Most of people think that they can earn a lot of money in the make money online niche, but they are about to do a big mistake.

Why is it a mistake ?

Making money in this niche is not an easy task. Here are some of the reasons why it may not be a very good idea to start your online business in make money online niche:

  • Make money online niche is already saturated, with some famous names like and thousand others.
  • Visitors are mostly webmasters and most of them are ads blind. So it is very difficult to make money from webmasters, because they look only for good content and tips with no ads.
  • Most of the people in this niche already knows about the tricks in this field. So it would be difficult to find and write something new which is not known to them.
  • CPC costs in this niche is much less than others niches like finance, auto, health etc.
  • If you find something new in this niche, it gets copied quite fast on blogs bigger than yours as well in some other form. And they get the credit instead of you.
  • Big SERP competition in this niche for not so big money.

So, in what niche you should try to make money? Try something which interest you. It can be anything. My suggestion, do some good research and find a niche which interest you and does not have big competition.

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    Jess Lwood
    January 8, 2012 at 20:28

    Niche sites definitely are not easy, but with a good amount of effort on your part, there is some money to be made.

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