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Make Money Online with Youtube

Youtube is a free online video sharing website, where users can upload, watch and share videos. The website had different ways to rank and organize videos: popularity, quality, comment, rating and much more. As you know Youtube is very popular and get millions of visits daily, because people love and enjoy watching and sharing videos.

But there are some people that drive a decent amout of traffic to their websites and make money from those visits by watermarking videos.

What that’s mean? A small logo or url in the video that make people know about your site or your service, maybe you already know about this, and a lot of people are doing that, but the important fact that you have to know is you have to watermark only your unique videos. For example, you are an Internet marketer and you made a video where you teach people how to make money online, It’s OK you can watermark your video and relax, because this video will bring you targeted traffic, that will convert well and help you to be a Guru.

In the other hand:

Really, It makes me sad when I browse the video sharing websites and I find a funny video watermarked to a design blog or something like that, people don’t care no more about quality traffic, they want fast and easy cash and they fall down in short period of time. And even more, there are some people that download non-watermarked videos from Youtube, DailyMotion and all the different video protals and watermark them in order to upload these again, and that make the Internet plenty of duplicated content.

The Conclusion:

The benefit of watermarking your original unique videos is that you receive quality interested visitors for an unlimited period and if you enjoy watermarking any video even if it’s not yours you’ll get banned and your videos deleted. So what do you choose?

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    June 27, 2008 at 19:56

    Thanks for the info. I will check out what watermark is.

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    June 28, 2008 at 01:58

    No problem at all.

    Watermark videos is giving your video a mark. It’s too simple, for example if I made a personal video telling people whatever, I’ll choose a corner and I’ll add ZakShow.Com using a video software like the free one, windows movie maker. Then I’ll upload it to Youtube and all video sharing websites. In that way anyone that will watch my video will notice that I have a blog named ZakShow.Com

    I hope that help, and feel free to ask for anything that you don’t find clear.

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    September 4, 2009 at 19:49

    Wow thanks never knew about the watermark technique I’ll check that out.

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