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Blogging FailAs you may know, people around the world likes to blog about their passions, motivations, dreams and so on. but many others think that blogging should be about money thinking that if you talk about something else than making money online, business or Internet marketing you would make no cash and they start setting up business blogs without having any idea about how it works. Just jump over there, choose a web hosting provider, pick up a domain name, download and install WordPress and start publishing crappy copied content with some lies. Then make the big bucks like all the player in the industry. but what they don’t know, that people blogging on their loved niches are rolling up real cash everyday driving tons of people to their ugly blogs compared to the gurus blogs who spend thousands on branding and creating unique designs and landing pages to blast people with their fake success stories till they succeed.

You may be wondering why I’m saying that?! I just got this email today:

Hi Zak,

My name is XXXX and I am from Canada, I started blogging last year, i have a wonderful blog with great design, i squandered 3K on design and customized plugins. My blog is well SEO’ed with great design and professional content structure, it’s better than but i don’t see any progress on ranking or traffic increase..

People think that’s blogging should be about blasting people or creating killer landing pages. Blogging is got nothing to do with Internet marketing, just bloggers on the IM topic post their traffic and revenue screen shots which makes these people famous and rock and roll their blogs, this is one of the techniques they found to make more money. What we ignore all, is that 95% of bloggers that we don’t know makes the most of the money and generate killer income each month from their bad designed blogs where they publish great content on their field, on something that they really know and care about, which make them experts in their fields. they don’t look for the money, they chase their passions and after that they just don’t know where it’s came from so they just don’t want to let you know where it’s going! duh.. obvious, isn’t?!

So, blogging about money, Internet marketing, business doesn’t work no more unless you are a real big firm which already has her weight on the market. Design and branding is good but it’s not enough at all, you just can’t build your business on that, you should build a coherent communication plan, to set objectives and goals and have tools to measure it.

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    Rock n Roll
    January 20, 2015 at 05:38

    I agree with what is said in here, thanks for sharing great tips (Y)

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