miCal Calendar iPhone App Review

People living hectic and busy lives require PDAs and planners to organize their lives. Most people use Google Calendars to help organize their lives but this is not possible for people owning Apple devices. The default iPhone calendar is a major disappointment for most people. People will be very happy with the miCal iPhone app.

But in order to have full access to miCal you have to ensure that all the calendars you wish to use is fully synced with the default iPhone calendar app.

Basically this app is simple and quite straightforward since miCal allows users to view calendars based on days, weeks, months, and even years. You also have a Dashboard where you can changes every day according to your schedule and events. In every calendar view, you can either swipe right or left to go through various dates. Plus the cool thing is that you can view the calendars in either portrait or landscape orientation.

You can also customize the Dashboard page to show you up to 7 days of planned events. You simply just have to go to the setting which is the first button on the bottom portion of the screen. From the daily, weekly and Dashboard views to delete or edit a certain event simply tap on it. On the other hand, on the monthly and yearly views, by tap and holding on a specific day or month will show the events of that certain day or month.

Before you launch miCal it is important to sync the default iPhone calendar app with any other calendars you have your events in. If you do not do so, the events you have input since your last sync may not show. The cool thing about miCal is that most calendar including Google Calendars can be synced with the default iPhone calendar app.

On the bottom right portion of the app is a large yellow plus button that you just have to tap to add an event. Of course, specific events can be edited with specific alarms and even GPS coordinates (that will open the Google maps app).

This app is great for people that uses multiple calendars and wish to combine them all in one location. Users will also love the customizable Dashboard that can be a visual day to day to do list. The downside is that before you use that app, you are required to sync it with the default iPhone calendar or it won’t work at all.

One thing that will irritate most users is that this app is quite slow since it tends to lag at times. You can really see this when you are swiping through the calendars.

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