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Mississippi, the bane of every school child learning to spell, is located deep in the south of the United States. Its largest city and capital is Jackson and it is named for the Mississippi River that flows through the state. The river itself gets its name from the Native American Ojibwa Tribe. Their word for Great River was misi-zibi.


With the beautiful magnolia tree as the state symbol, one of Mississippi biggest industries is the catfish farm industry. Originally settled by the French, the territory was alternately ruled by the Spanish, the French and the British. Mississippi became a territory of the Union after the American Revolution and was officially declared a State in 1817.

Mississippi was the 17th State to join the Union. Because their original economy relied so heavily on cotton, Mississippi was a pro-slave state and was the second state to leave the Union and join the Confederate States. After the Civil War, Mississippi was readmitted to the union but suffered greatly from the effect of Reconstruction.

Map of Mississippi:

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