Mobile Graphics Card GeForce GTX 680M by NVIDIA

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MAs part of the Computex trade show in 2012 and E3 2012, NVIDIA introduced a new flagship mobile graphics card: GeForce GTX 680M, based on the architecture of Kepler. It was intended to be in the best performing gaming laptops.

This solution combines high performance, high efficiency and support for advanced graphics technology:

  • Adaptive V-sync – Vertical sync adaptive, which is activated by the light of current performance and provides a smoother gameplay;
  • Advanced AA modes – Improved anti-aliasing and image FXAA TXAA allow to reduce the load on the GPU;
  • NVIDIA Optimus technology is designed to extend the period of autonomous battery life by automatically switching between integrated and discrete graphics core based on workload;
  • NVIDIA PhysX technology enables faster processing of physical gaming interaction
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision technology provides improved perception of the two 3D scenes in games;
  • NVIDIA 3DTV Play software allows you to connect laptops to the 3D TVs to transfer game content;
  • NVIDIA Verde – Universal drivers for video cards;
  • NVIDIA SLI technology allows you to combine the computing resources of several graphics cards for maximum performance;
  • NVIDIA CUDA technology enables the use of GPUs for general computation.

It is expected that in the near future NVIDIA partners will provide their own laptops based on the video card GeForce GTX 680M.

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