Mobile Phones Technology

The mobile cell phones are called as cell phones, hand phones and wireless phones. The mobile cell phone is the portable electronic device used for the communication between two persons through the electronic signal. When compared to the landline phones the mobile phone has some of the additional features like MMS and SMS in text format. It also supports blue tooth facility, infrared, e-mail, internet java gaming. The MMS is used for sending and receiving the recorded message as well as the songs. Microwave antennas are used for the communication between two persons through mobile phones, to transfer the electronic signals.

Technology of Mobile Phones

The mobile phones are used for sending and receiving signals in greater distances. The sending and receiving signals are done by the electronic signal transmitter known as tower. The data will automatically get registered in your nearest exchange. Then it will activate the dial tone for receiving and sending the voice and simple messages within 12-13 km. The mobile phone contains games and we can download the games from the internet also. By using camera mobile phones you can access in the net.

There are mobile phone manufactures like Nokia, Sony ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and LG. The latest model mobile phones have mega pixel camera for taking the pictures. It can be used to take the video also. The mobile phones are well suited for the people to contact the other person from any where else to anybody who has mobile phone.

Mobile Phone Technology

Power supply for the mobile phones is obtained from batteries present inside the mobile phones. The battery of the mobile should be charged by using the charger. After charging your mobile you can take it anywhere and you can talk with anybody. Using the mobile while driving leads to accident. Using mobile phones for more than 1 hour daily for 20 years leads to ear disease.

What is wi-fi?

The wi-fi is common name for the wireless network. It is well suited for mobile phones. This software can support personal computer. Inside the mobile phone there is chipset or logical board is present for the communication purpose. Mobile phones can also support games that are java based. Java is a language which runs on the object oriented platform. Thus mobile phones are very much useful for communicating at anytime without the help of any wire.

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