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Monetize your Blog Feeds with Google Adsense

Google Adsense has recently introduced another option to help us monetize if you actually run a blog and that is by adding Google Adsense to our blog feeds. This is apart from the ads that we can display in our blogs. If you have a decent subscriber base in your blog and want to monetize from those feeds, you can use this option by Google Adsense.

Usually, mostly the feeds that we offer to our readers will have no impact on our earnings from our blogs as there were no ads displayed and also because the readers won’t normally visit our blog and hence we tend to lose significant amount of revenue from it. The situation will be even worse if you offer full blog feeds to your subscriber base. Since there were no options to also earn from our blog feeds previously.

But this was not the case for blogs, which had a very huge user base as they had their own way to monetize it by selling text links on the feeds that is being sent.

But all these will change now with the introduction of Google AdSense for feeds. With this option and if you already have a Google AdSense account, it is very easy to start with it.

If you are actually starting a new blog, then all you need to do is to get your feeds through Google and hence making it your feed URL. Now you can add in your Google Adsense for feeds in your AdSense account by following the steps accordingly. You can customize your ads and position, whether you want it to be displayed on top of your feed or at the bottom, etc.

But if you already run a successful blog and have a decent reader base and have hosted your feeds through Feedburner, then it will take time for you to set-up your account for Google AdSense for Feeds. Either you can burn a new feed through Google or you can ask the Google AdSense Team to help you out in redirecting your existing feeds to a new feeds URL.

There is a separate request form available at Google AdSense for you to request their team to help merge your existing Feedburner feeds with Google Feeds. You need to supply your Feedburner user ID along with your Google AdSense ID to them and they will do it from their end and will get back to you within two weeks confirming the transfer of Feedburner feed URL to your new URL where you can actually start adding AdSense for Feeds. You will need to follow the steps by choosing the Ads for Feeds option and proceeding accordingly.

Now, you can add another dimension to your earnings through Google AdSense with this AdSense for Feeds. This will work wonders if you have a good amount of subscribers.

With this AdSense for Feeds you can make your earnings from AdSense to increase without doing any additional optimization on your blog but only on your feeds, which has been doing nothing in terms of monetization and hence acts as additional source of income.

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