Montana Travel Information

“Big Sky Country,” Montana is located in the western portion of the United States. Known for its 77 beautiful Rocky Mountain Ranges, it is named after the Spanish word for mountain:  Montania.

Montana is interesting because while it is the fourth largest state, it is the 44th state ranked by population, meaning its population density is the third lowest in the country.

Also known as “Land of the Shinning Mountain” Montana’s economy is based primary on oil, coal, lumber, ranching, tourism and wheat farming. Montana contains 3 entrances to Yellowstone National Park and is famous for its Glacier National park as well as the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn.

While several Native American tribes originally lived in the area, it was eventually settled by the French and sold to America as part of the Louisiana Purchase. Montana was admitted as the 41rst state to the Union in 1889.

Map of Montana:

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