Most Common Blogging Mistakes

So you’ve been writing on your blog and not getting any responses? It happens a lot. Especially to those who do blogging without much thinking. Surprised? You should be. You did all the planning, writing, research and perhaps even wrestled with HTML and all those codes. It feels very exhausting to not get any response at all. A great number of people who own blogs have experienced the same thing. Please rethink your moves if any of the practices below rings a bell.

You will realize that you are making a mistake in blogging when:

  • Your readers notice your widgets, your theme color, your buttons and your affiliate banners and they miss out on one thing YOU!
  • You write about almost everything under the sun and somebody places a comment asking what your point really is.
  • You suddenly find the word whipped cream in one of your planet Mars exploration posts.
  • You find your first article to be about making money blogging.
  • You wake up after your 1,000th post screaming because you forgot to put your keywords on all of them.
  • You suddenly lost interest in writing because you have no idea why you have made a blog in the first place.
  • You login to your admin page and see a 404 message because you were just using your friend’s domain and hosting.
  • You find out that your post content never match your titles.
  • You suddenly run out of ideas of what to write because you are not really interested in the main topic of your blog.
  • Your marketing drive is about automobiles and you get links from fairy tale enthusiast blogs.
  • You find it hard to even understand your posts because your ads get in the way.
  • Your latest written post was published 3 months ago.
  • You find yourself too busy with your stats and having no time to interact with your target market.

The above lines may sound funny but they really happen. Enough planning and strategy is needed to form a blog and in maintaining one. Remember that you need to widen the opportunities of your readers to interact with you. This could not be realized if you have all the wrong motivations in blogging. You will always encounter a number of those instances outlined above if you do not rethink your strategy and motivation.

Keep in mind that you have to deal with matters about the search engines, your market segment and, most of all, people. That being said, when you think about people, you need to also realize that you yourself should be part of your considerations.

It is best to follow this pattern in blogging:

  • Determine your blog purpose and marketing drive.
  • Write about the things that you are most interested in.
  • Add engagement objects to your blog.
  • Make every effort to encourage interaction in your posts.
  • Make sure SEO works for your blog and not the other way around.
  • Know that yours is not the only blog around.
  • Be consistent.

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