Movie Download Websites: Are they Legal?

The legal movie download websites are there but they are difficult to find. Because of the illegal movie download websites all over the internet, the people find it difficult to differentiate between legal movie download websites and the illegal movie download websites. The illegal movie download websites are too many and they are more popular than the legal movie download websites. They are even visited more times and many movies are downloaded from there every day.

The problem with the legal movie download websites is their geographic limitation. This has led to the popularity of illegal movie download websites. The legal movie download websites offer movie downloads only in specified area and most of them are limited to a country to two. You can view online movie or purchase online movies from these websites only if you are living within the geographic limitations of that website.

The people are turning to the p2p programs and they are downloading the p2p movies instead of downloading them from the legal movie websites. This is again due to the limitation put by the websites on the location of the visitors. If a person lives in India, he may not be able to use major movie downloading or online viewing website. So he needs an alternative and he finds it in the form of illegal movie downloads.

To download the movies from the other sources than the legal movie downloads is illegal. We are committing a crime by doing that. But then every one wants to watch the movies on our hand held gadgets and we all do not live in the U.S. So what is the solution to this problem? Probably there are more than one solution but we will be talking about the one solution which fits all.

The only solution is to use the file sharing software. This may seem immoral and illegal but file sharing is not illegal. You can share files but not the copyright material. The problem is that the people talk about it as a wrong and they do not provide with an alternative. So what the people have to do? May be the only solution left with them is to use the p2p programs and teach the movie people a lesson. May be they would find a better solution and would provide an alternative in the future. May be it is their turn to make changes and think ahead. May be they should stop cursing the p2p software and should work on providing something which can be used as a reasonable alternative.

The big problem here is the impossibility to find the legal p2p movie downloads even if you consider yourself bound to pay. There is nothing wrong with that as far as you are given the option to pay for those movies. In fact all the p2p clients claiming dollars on their lifetime membership are themselves not legal to distribute those copyright movies.

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  • Reply
    Davor Gasparevic
    January 12, 2010 at 19:43

    Sorry if it is stupid question but what is the essential difference between file sharing software and p2p?

    Because with p2p your still have a software (usually a torrent client like uTorrent) and you basically have a situation where a person shares his/her files with you.

    • Reply
      January 15, 2010 at 11:28

      Sharing files can be done with different ways not only p2p programs.. we can share files just by sharing download links in public!

  • Reply
    Matthew C. Kriner
    February 8, 2010 at 20:46

    You are totally right! I agree!

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