Must Have iPhone 4 Entertainment Applications

With over 300,000 applications on the marketplace, the iPhone 4 is easily able to cater to anyone, no matter what they like or what they do for a living. Entertainment is a big part of everyone’s life, and of course, there are tens of thousands of apps for every category you can think of, including movies and various TV shows. In fact, I would go as far as saying that entertainment is the main use of the iPhone 4, despite it being able to accomplish any business tasks without any problems.

So, if you like movies, music, shows and other entertaining arts and you always have your iPhone 4 with you, here is a short list of apps that you might want to check out:


Amazon is still the biggest marketplace for books, both paper and digital editions, and despite Apple’s best efforts with their books store, it will continue to lead for a long time. Fortunately, iPhone owners don’t have to choose between the two stores or buy a Kindle just for reading books – the new Amazon Kindle app lets you do that right on your phone! This is big news for a lot of people, as now you can have access to the biggest library in the world on the nice high resolution display of your iPhone 4 (and of course, iPad and iPod Touch!).

Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is one of the best music streaming apps for all major mobile operating systems, but of course, it got started on the iPhone and their iOS app is still the best of the bunch. You can listen to over 15 million songs for free, and it’s very easy to get started: just select your favorite album or artist and their songs will start playing right away. You can get recommendations of songs to listen, and they get very accurate with time, as you vote songs up or down and interact with other users of the service. If you like a song, you can easily buy and download it to your phone to have constant access to it, and the album art and artist information pages are simply great.


If you like playing guitars, but just can’t carry one around with you every day (unless you’re a professional musician), this iPhone app is a pretty good replacement. Granted, the controls are quite a bit different, but the most important thing, the guitar sounds, are reproduced very accurately and once you get a hang of the touch screen, you’ll be able to churn out amazing chords without problems. Heck, you could even form a band using more iPhones and this app!

IMDB Movies and TV

IMDB, the largest movie and actors/celebrities information database on the Web, has finally decided to create their own app for smartphones, and it’s a great thing that they did! With the IMDB app for iPhone and iPad, you can now view information about practically every movie and actor that ever was and is, and discuss current or upcoming releases with the excellent community on the IMDB forums – if you’re a movie lover, this is absolutely a must have app.

Godfinger All-Stars

Godfinger is one of the most interesting and fun to play iPhone apps. You are basically in charge of creating your own world and commanding it as you see fit. You can create wonders for your followers or if you’re feeling angry, terrorize them and make them fear you (not recommended if you want them to become stars, though!! The new All Stars game has more game modes and allows you to play with other people, invite them to see your worlds and enchant their own followers to come to you – try this game out, it’s pretty addicting.

If you want to have something to entertain you on the go, be sure to check out the above apps. They’re very good at what they do, and I’m sure you’ll find them pretty useful. There are also thousands more similar apps on the iTunes market, so if you want more, just open the market app and search away!

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