Must See Museums Around the World

Do you like museums ? Have you been to the Louvre in Paris, the museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, or any of those other must see museums ? Well, now it’s time to go off the beaten path.

The Kimchi Museum Seoul, Korea

Kimchi Museum

If you don’t know about Kimchi, a trip to the kimchi museum is an eye-opening experience. The museum was founded in 1986 to highlight Korea’s rich kimchi culture. The exhibit includes displays of cooking utensils and materials related to making, storing, and eating the famous pickled vegetables. The museum also provides details about the history and nutritional benefits of Korea’s most beloved side dish. Finally, stop by the souvenir shop to try various types of kimchi.

The Museum of Gold Bogota, Colombia

Bogota Museum Colombia

If you want to see beautiful objects, the Museum of Gold is the place to be. It holds one of South America’s most stunning collections. Because the exhibits sparkle so brightly, you can actually take photographs without using a flash on your camera ! Not everything made of gold, though. Among of the exhibits are ancient pre-Columbian items. Many of them are made from a mixture of gold and copper, known as tumbaga.

The Chocolate Museum Cologne, Germany

Chocolate Museum Cologne Germany

The Chocolate Museum will teach you everything about chocolate from cocoa bean to candy bars. You’ll learn about chocolate’s 3.000 year history and discover how it was once used as money in South Africa. A real chocolate factory shows you how chocolate is made. After you’ve finished the tour, you can samplea complimentary drink of rich, gooey pure chocolate, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

There are many others amazing museums in the world we’ll talk about those in another day with a new article.

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