New Google Play Feature for App Lovers

Google Play Features for AndroidIf there is one thing that Google has been doing for the past decade; it is personalization! With Google Play, you can share and have fun with applications, movies, music, books, online games and more. With Google Play, you had the benefit of purchasing apps, games and movies on your browser and sending them right to your android powered device. The latest addition to the round of Google Play fans is the ability to uninstall or update android applications from your browser, without having to do it on your device.

The recent Google I/O keynote gave rise to numerous features, updates and releases from Google and they just didn’t have time to mention all the goodies involved in Google Play. We took the time to stroll into Google Play to give you a little heads up on some of the latest features available for you. You can now access and use Google Play from where ever you are.

You get to access over half a million android applications from your browser or device just by logging into your Google account. With advanced cloud technology and the wide availability of applications, movies and books; you will never be left out of the crowd again.

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