New Mac OS Sierra Review

Apple announce the death of OS X, however they predict a long life to Mac OS with the launch of the new version of their latest software Sierra.

Any Mac machine from late 2009 can download or upgrade for free to the new version -Sierra- from the App Store starting from September 18. While there are some users who won’t update immediately to avoid troubles or software compatibility, there are others very excited to experience the new features of the latest Mac operating software Sierra. Here we are going to introduce some of the the greatest and coolest features of the new MacOS software. So what Sierra can offer that old OSX cannot?


Mac OS SierraOne of the most relevant feature that Sierra offer is Siri that can do great new things on a Mac according to the Apple website: It’s the introduction of the voice assistant from the iPhone and the iPad. Now, using Siri in Sierra operating system you can find your files using natural voice command. Already introduced by OSX El Capitan, now it offers improved components like spell check, weather check,¬†setting appointments, playing music and even locating your files. This features can be helpful depending on where you work, at home it’s going to be fun however in your office it may be weird for your employees or colleagues to hear you talking to your computer.

Mac OS Sierra Universal ClipboardUniversal Clipboard

Using this new feature, now it’s possible to copy and paste anything from your Mac to other Macs, iPads or iPhones. Just select what you want to copy, hit copy and paste, then wait. The speed of the copy depend on how well is your Internet speed, but exceptionally it works as magic. You can use this option to copy texts, images and many other stuff. However, I can’t recommend using that if you have a slow Internet speed, it’s going to drive you crazy!

Mac OS Sierra iCloud Drive DesktopiCould drive desktop

Many of us have all their files organized and stored carefully in folders, others have all their data saved in the desktop on a single machine. In both cases, you may loose all your precious data if your machine is lost, broken or stolen. Now with the iCould drive desktop you are able to synchronize all your data between your Mac, iMac, iPad and iPhone to have direct access wherever you are, from any machine and under any circumstances.

Mac OS Sierra Tabbed InterfaceTabbed interface

First introduced by browsers, now it comes to the Sierra operating system. From now on, it’s all about tabs from the photo editor to the text editor, email and apps that can be all merged in one tab by clicking on “Merge all tabs” option under the drop down menu. After testing this new feature, I would say that it doesn’t support everything but at least if you love tabs it’s your lucky day.

iOS 10 features & Apple Pay

Mac OS Sierra Apple PayFor those who are afraid of having compatibility issues, Sierra guarantee full unity with iOS 10 features. Now you are able to pay anything on the web via your iPhone Touch ID sensor. Visualize videos via QuickTime, send iOS 10 users chat messages and even unlock your machine thanks to your Apple Watch. Other similar features between the two is the iTunes player and the photo app. In addition Sierra assure to help you free up space on your machine by transferring unused files to your iCloud drive.

This is it, I think this new operating system for you Mac will add too much exciting features that you should experience by your own. It’s going to make working on your machine easier and funnier. Anyway I would love if you can share with us what you think about Apple’s new software: MacOS Sierra.


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