New Movies of 2009

Who doesn’t like to go to the movies? If you’re like me you are a big movie buff and anticipate the day a long awaited movie finally appears at your local movie theater. If you are a big movie buff I have a few movies you might just like.

The Family That Preys

This movies will be in theaters September 12. It’s another movie from Tyler Perry. We can expect nothing by intense drama and comedy from Tyler Perry. Samaa Lathan stars in this film as a married woman who has a big emotional affair with a married white man. You’ll also see many appearances by Robin Given, Tyler Perry himself and other well known actresses.

Lakeview Terrace

I personally cannot wait to see this movie. Samuel Jackson takes on the role of an evil and mysterious cop who terrorizes his next door neighbors who are a biracial couple. I can’t wait to see Samuel L. Jackson take on this role.

Highschool Musical 3

I know this is a big movie a lot of young people are anticipating. Highschool Musical has been a big hit ever since it hit Disney Channel in 2006. I know this film will dominate the box office once it hit’s the theaters.


This movie seems really interesting. A sudden plague of blindness hit’s the city; all but one woman is affected by it. Too many details about this movie haven’t been given yet but it seems kind of interesting, doesn’t it?

Saw V

will be hitting the theaters in early 2009. I don’t know anyone who won’t flock to see this movie. We can expect nothing but an action packed, grueling thriller. Even though Jigsaw is dead the game has not yet ended.

Transformers 2

I can’t wait until this movie comes out. Shiloh Buff did his thing in the last Transformers and left no doubt in our minds that he was an actor to be reckon with.

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