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Have you ever heard of an underwater bicycle race? Probably not, but they exist. In a state known for the invention of flight and for molding the basketball phenomenon, Michael Jordan, there is underwater bicycle racing. This race seems to have to become popular enough to justify an annual race. As you can imagine it would be quite difficult to not only pedal a bicycle underwater, but pedal it underwater through sand. It looks like more of a bicycle pushing race than a bicycle riding race but a race is a race, whichever way it’s done.

North Carolina is probably best known for its school’s basketball prowess. But you never know, in a few decades or so it could become known for its underwater bicycle racing. If underwater bicycling is not for you, there are plenty of scenic, beautiful places across the state where you can ride a bike the old-fashioned way.

Map of North Carolina:

What do you think of this state? Do you live or ever visited the state of North Carolina? Please feel free to share your experience with us!

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