North Dakota Travel Information

Interesting and unusual cuisine is one of the reasons people in the U.S. travel to travel to many different countries all around the world. It is probably unknown to most that you can get some interesting and unusual cuisine without traveling too far from home. North Dakota, an unlikely source for this type of food, is actually a great place to find it.

Knoephla soup is a soup that is probably unfamiliar to most but is quite common in this state and only a couple of others. The soup is a creamy soup that is very similar to chicken and dumpling soup. Instead of dumplings, Knoephla is used which is a similar doughy substance. This soup is extraordinary. It is no surprise that a state that can have some very harsh winters is the home of a terrific creamy soup. It is worth a trip to North Dakota just to have a spoonful of this tasty dish.

Map of North Dakota:

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