NVIDIA Introduces a 3D Entertainment Ecosystem

3D technology is the most important moment in the evolution of home entertainment and NVIDIA was noted as the pioneer era of entertainment 3D stereoscopic 3D technology with the launch of Vision two years ago. Together with our partners, ecosystem provides users with NVIDIA 3D content that can be enjoyed at home, said Igor Stanek, Product PR Manager at NVIDIA.

NVIDIA 3D Vision has acquired new dimensions with the launch of Vision 3D Surround solution, extending the three-view stereoscopic 3D monitors and has been integrated into the new class of 3D PC products offering complete 3D experience at home. NVIDIA 3D estrous ecosystem supported by major partners such as 3D Acer, Asus, LG, Panasonic, Sony.

Acer 3D monitors and projectors are designed for Full HD movies and 3D games. This partnership with NVIDIA came naturally at the launch of the first Full HD 3D display market and are confident of success surrounding ecosystem 3D Vision 3D technology.

ASUS delivery relies heavily on notebook and desktop systems equipped with NVIDIA 3D Vision. We believe that the majority of entertainment PCs will implement 3D technology in a few years.

LG is confident that one day all screens will be 3D compatible. Therefore, we are pleased to work with NVIDIA 3D ecosystem development.

The new global partnership with NVIDIA Panasonic is a very important step! 2 years ago at CES, Panasonic introduced their vision for the future of the entertainment industry 3D. Panasonic Behold now, through this partnership we honor, once again demonstrates its support for 3D entertainment acerbic, in absolutely all its forms, offering solutions from A to Z. The partnership was a natural and predictable because it brought together two very good producers 3D solutions.

Users interested in the products already understand that the future of 3D technology will get a three-dimensional form. To watch a 3D program, whether it is a movie, a football match or golf, or an interesting documentary or even a video clip of your favorite band, totally changes the perspective of consumers to enjoy home entertainment.

What gives NVIDIA 3D ecosystem

You can browse the Web in 3D. The partnership between NVIDIA, Adobe and Microsoft can now streaming video content in real time. Sites like YouTube already have over 1,000 videos available for streaming 3D and these libraries will continue to grow rapidly. In addition, the recent Masters golf tournament at Augusta, the first 3D sports event sent over the Internet, demonstrates the potential use of 3D projections.

You can view and edit 3D photos. Camera manufacturers such as Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic launches 3D compatible digital cameras on the market, so that users can edit their photos on the new 3D PC systems.

You can watch Blu-ray 3D. Through partnership with CyberLink, a leading player for each PC, users can watch 3D titles released last home in Hollywood.

You can run 3D games. Thanks to a partnership with game developers, more than 425 titles are available today with NVIDIA 3D Vision, the only complete solution for 3D PC users.

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