Odds and Ends of a Watch Phone

Watch phone featuresIt’s a surefire that a watch phone may look pretty cool. In fact, putting a watch phone on your wrist is very likely to catch the attention of the people around you. However, of course, there are more things for you to consider prior to finally making your decision to buy such a phone for yourself. As with most of other devices, this gadget also has its strong and weak points.

Let’s start with the strong points:

To get things started, a watch phone, as how it’s called, merges the functions and characteristics of 2 very different devices, a phone and a watch. With that being said, you will have less things to carry around with you by buying this gadget. This gadget normally comes with an inclusive Bluetooth headset as well so that you can use the device to communicate. Also, this gadget is very unlikely to be far from you as you will be wearing it most of the time. As a result, it will be easy for other people to run into you.

However, unfortunately, the device is often larger than a conventional watch. In fact, it may even look uglier than a watch. In addition to that, it is usually quite heavy, too. It may cause more strain to your hand resulting in your inability to put it on for too long.

The next weak point is that it often comes with a pretty small touch screen. Even with the inclusive stylus, it may not be easy, especially for first-timers, to use the device. And, the phone functions that a watch phone can provide are not usually quite as comprehensive as what a real cell phone can offer. Video calls, for example, may not be available with this device. However, though, with more modern watch phone that is more technologically advanced, you may well expect this feature to be available.

Yet, both the watch and its Bluetooth headset require charging. Imagine if the two of them coincidentally run out of batteries at the same time. Or, if the headset runs out of battery, you’ll have to use the speaker. Unfortunately, your conversation will be audible to others around you.

Last but not least, the software is limited. It seems that there are not too many software developers yet that are interested in expanding what such a device can do.

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