Path iPhone App Review

Right now, there are several social photo sharing services to choose from. Path is basically an iPhone app where you and fifty of your closest friends can view and post photographs. You can post photographs on your profile page and you can tag them as well. You can tag People, Places as well as Things to describe your pictures. The basic premise of Path is that it is supposed to document your path through life plus sharing the process with your family and friends. Path is a new startup backed up with a lot of money and talent.

Path for the iPhone has a very simple and straight forward users interface. It has five well designed sections with classy icons. Users are presented a vertical stream of photo thumbnails that presents the full photograph when you tap on a specific thumbnail. A cool feature of Path is that it tracks your contacts that have viewed a specific photo you posted in a section called “Saw” which is represented by a blue eye icon. To take a new picture and post it, simply tap on the green camera icon located at the Path tab. Sadly it is not possible to post existing photographs within your Camera Roll. Path also has a feature where users can share ten minute videos with their network. Simply tap on the Video Moments feature to post and view short videos from your closest friends and families.

There is also a feature called Explore where users can see path posts from their network based on the geo location the picture is taken from on a map. Path allows users to enter new people to their network by adding their email address or directly from the users’ iPhone contact list. With just a swipe you can remove people from your personal network. The final tab is the users’ profile page where users can view their past posts and edit their profile. Users can view their posts on the map or based on the date of the post.

For users that wish to edit their profile more to add more information such as their bio, website, birth date and modify their notification settings, they have to log into the online version of Path. It is possible to get notification whenever someone from your network tags you. Also, Path features push notification for anytime you are not online. Path is quite new so it may take a while to have your friends into the network and the application is currently only available on the iPhone. so this might be bad news for your Android using friends. Path has received a lot of attention and news because the founders also help create Facebook and Napster.

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