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As one of the first settled states, Pennsylvania has a lot of history behind it. The history though, an integral part of who we are as a nation, is not the only reason this state is special. This state is a popular location among hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts because it boasts rich wildlife, and over 4,000 miles of streams.

There are state and national parks from corner to corner across the entire state. With all those forests and greenery, it makes a great home for many different types of wildlife. The state animal, Whitetail Deer, thrives in this lush state. In early America they were a vital source of food, clothing and shelter.

Today, gaming laws are in place to help control the population and health of these animals. Pennsylvania is also home to Brook Trout, which is the only trout native to the state.  The Brook Trout is also the state fish. For the outdoor enthusiast camping, hiking, horseback riding and other activities can be done at many of the parks.

Map of Pennsylvania:

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