Pictures from Google’s Office

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world, they have a huge building where their employees offices are located. But do you think that they have normal offices, kind of a desk, a computer and a chair? Nop, I knew that they should have something special but not that much! Check out these Google office pictures:

So, how do you feel about working for Google?

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  • I think those pictures must be old because ever since Google's stock has dropped by over 60%, they have been cutting employee perks left and right leading to many high level employees leaving.

    I pesonally don't believe that a goofy, childish envrionment like shown in those pictures could ever stimulate productivity.

    No wonder Google stock is dropping like a rock still.

  • Very nice... someone who worked with me about a year ago went on to work at Google in London, she told me about the pool table and a couple of other bits but not the rest! Maybe I should have taken up her offer of help to get a job there...