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Job SearchThe old adage ‘looking for a job is a full time job in itself’ is a very very true one. Indeed a multi-billion dollar industry has been built around that exact premise, the recruitment industry. So for someone who finds themselves in the position of needing or wanting a new job it is vital they don’t let such a time consuming task get on top of them.

To ensure this what is really needed for the average (and not so average) job seeker is a job hunting action plan. A plan that will layout what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and how it is going to be achieved.

It may sound like a lot of work but by spending 25 or 30 minutes creating a job seeking action plan you will actually save yourself a lot of time by getting right to the point of your job hunt, not wasting time duplicating your effort or getting side tracked.

So what should this plan include? Well obviously that varies from person to person and industry to industry but there are a number of basics that every job seeking action plan should cover.

Who are the main employers in your niche?

I am sure you know who the biggest employers are, and those companies that you most want to work for, in your niche. So get in touch with them. Most business these days will have an employment, career or recruitment page on their website. Look out for these and see if there is anything suitable.

If not get in contact with them anyway. You don’t know how often the website is updated or if they may well have identified a job position that needs filling without having had a chance to advertise it. Get there ahead of everyone else!

Identifying who these companies are is a vital part of any action plan, as is making sure you get in touch with them.

Which recruitment agencies operate within your niche or area?

Agencies mostly work in either a geographical area or within a specific industry niche. So find out the relevant ones for you and register your resume with them. They will have plenty of jobs advertised that may interest you and they will also be able to let you know about any more suitable jobs that become available.

Recruitment Agents are professionals at finding work. You should make sure registering with and talking to them are part of your action plan. As recruitment professionals they will also be well placed to help you with what your job seeking action plan should be doing for you.

What job boards are best?

Any job seekers action plan needs to identify the most important job boards in the area/niche of the seekers choosing. These career websites will be a main point of focus for the recruitment activities of companies and recruiters so your action plan needs to identify them and how often you will be checking them for suitable jobs.

Your contacts

An important part of the action plan is identifying just who you know that could help you. Do you know many people in the same industry you work in, or in different sectors of companies you would love to get a job for?

Make a list of such individuals. These are people you want to be talking to on a regular basis for awhile, so make sure that you include them on your job seekers action plan.

It is important that you write this all down in a plan. Keeping it in your head will just lead to time wasting and confusion. By making yourself a specific plan with specific goals you should find that your job hunting goes a lot easier.

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    Hans Greenier
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    Greetings! Quite valuable assistance on this short article! It’s the minor alterations that make the largest modifications. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

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