Popular Beach Destinations In America

When discussing the topic of beach destinations in America, it is key to specify which part of the great continent you are talking about, with Northern America, Central America and South America, often being combined together under the collective name The Americas.

Finding a beach destination in America that will suit your individual or family requirements is easy. North America has two large coats offering everything from relaxing hot beaches such as those in Florida, and Malibu through to more the younger beaches such as Palm Springs the popular Spring Break beach destination.

Obviously when thinking about a beach destination in America, there are a few that spring immediately to the front of your mind. Daytona Beach is possibly the most famous beach in the world, with its 23 miles of luscious sandy shore and enticing water It is all the more popular because of the extra attractions it has to offer holiday makers, from the Daytona 500, to the incredible 2500 capacity Peabody Auditorium

If you are going away with a family, especially one with younger children, then by far the best beach destination for you would by Myrtle Beach. Officially recognized as the numbe rone family beach destination it offers a stunning beach area, along with a dazzling array of restaurants (approximately 1700), golf courses, water parks and live music event, not to mention the larges shopping mall in South Carolina the Coastal Grand Mall.

However, should you be looking for a five star, luxury break to completely remove yourself from modern society and the pressures that life piles on, Hilton Head Island could very well be the destination for you.  With 13 miles of beaches, some the finest dinning establishments in the Southern United States, not to mention a range of championship status golf courses, multiple tennis courts, and marine activities such as sailing and fishing to name but a few, Hilton Head Island has to be seen and experienced to be believed. You will return home feeling not only spoilt and indulged but perfectly relaxed and ready to get back to the grind stone, even if only to save up for a return trip the following year.

Due to the popularity of the country, coupled with the already large general population, many of the top name beaches will be very busy, and while for the majority of people this doesn’t bother them, sometimes you want to get away from it all, and experience as close to isolation as is possible without leaving society all together. There are several handy locations around the North American continent that have yet to be discovered but offer not only astounding beaches and stretched of coastline that would water the mouths of any painter, but offer a great holiday for those who know their location.

One such hidden treasure is the stretch of coastland and beaches on Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada, with beautiful beaches, a relaxing way of life and a fascinating location filled with history and sightseeing opportunities.

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