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Prey: Xbox One vs PS4 – Which console gets the best on the demo?

Prey Demo testExpected for the 5th of May on PC, Xbox One and PS4, the Prey of Bethesda and Arkane last week offered a demo console, to propose to the players the beginning of the adventures of Morgan Yu. This is the opportunity for the aficionados of technological comparisons to give themselves a joyful test adventure on the two versions of the demo, dedicated respectively to the machines of Microsoft and Sony. Who gets the best ? That’s what we’re going to discover !

Prey video game test : Framerate stability and resolution

In the video of Digital Foundry, an expert in technical analysis, we notice that both versions do “very well” in terms of framerate stability. The latter being capped at 30 frames per second, the reverse would have been relatively problematic given the graphic rendering, which is “not bluffing and may appear dated” to quote the journalist of Eurogamer. The demo, which runs in 1080p on PS4 and 900p on XBOX One, offers however a small drop of refreshment on console at the opening of a level stretch, dropping all at 28FPS for a moment on PS4 , While the Xbox version also has a glitch dropping the framerate to 20FPS: a simple bench of greenery, posted at a point of the demo, hurts the engine, which struggles to display plants while guaranteeing an optimal refreshment.

Prey video game test : Loads and lag input

A point which, hopefully, will be corrected in the final version of the title and which currently embodies the only place where console optimization is seriously flawed. Note that the PS4 Pro patch is not available at the moment and that the test was done on a One S and a classic PS4. As for anti-aliasing, Digital Foundry finds a few areas where the effect of stairs is present, especially at the beginning of the adventure, during the helicopter journey without, however, immersion.

The real worry of the finger in this demo is linked to the input lag PS4. Indeed, many were the players on the Sony machine to have mentioned in their returns a latency visible during the actions performed at the joystick. This concern, invisible on Xbox One, is now known and will, we are assured, be corrected in the final version of the game. Charging times are also compared by Digital Foundry and, like the majority of games that exploit the CryEngine (Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 tops with its 5 minutes loading on PS4), Prey exceeds the minute of loading. On the demo, the game puts exactly one minute and three seconds to load its first stretch on PS4 and one minute and fourteen seconds on Xbox One.

A second load, of the same length, is also mandatory to explore the entire demo. In the manner of a BioShock, the title is here cut into “big maps”, each requesting loading to be explored. Some areas, smaller, are loaded at the opening of doors, which justifies the small drop framerate noted and quoted above, and others much larger, will offer you a nice load. Digital Foundry says he does not know how many more than a minute loads will be present in the final version, or even if the Day One patch will shorten them, but ensures that the loaded areas are large enough to make The loadings quite forgettable.

And you, have you tested the demo of Prey ? What do you you think about it ?

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