PS Vita Play and Connect No Matter Where You Go

Sony PS Vita AnnouncedAnnounced for the very first time in January 2011, the PlayStation Vita has now come to life. More popularly known as the PS Vita, handheld gaming device is designed to be the manufacturer’s next generation gaming system that is not only capable of bringing gamers deep in to the thrills of various games they can play.

Instead, the device also enables users to stay connected with their circle of friends in the real world. In short, the device is meant to bring the worlds of gaming and reality a lot closer. Well, that seems to suit the name of the device well as “Vita” in Latin means “life”.

On the front part of the PS Vita, users will be able to find a 5-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) that also supports multi touch gestures. Yet, the fascination does not stop at that point. On the rear of this particular handheld gaming device, users will be able to find a touch pad that supports multi touch gestures as well.

Well, at this point of time, some people may ask what the 2 analog sticks on the front of the device are for. Well, Sony has also incorporated analog sticks to make sure that a wider genre of games is supported.

Playstation Vita Cost PriceThe next fascination is the screen of the device itself. Featuring a touch screen display, the PS Vita will offer users a whole brand new experience when it comes to gaming and social networking.

Well, being mobile means being connected. So, how is Sony going to make it happen with this portable gaming platform? Well, it seems that this is the reason they have worked in collaboration with AT&T. AT&T is a giant corporation that powers the fastest mobile broadband network in the United States of America. With Sony giving AT&T exclusive rights to provide services for its portable gaming system in the US, the company expects to gain quite a huge, if not the biggest, market share in the country.

Last but not least, gamers will also be pleased that the PS Vita comes with Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi models. This will enable the users to encounter all the excitements that the device can offer, connect to their favorite social networking sites, discover available network services, share what they are thinking about or doing, and even play all thrilling yet exciting games with their friends no matter where they are.

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