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Reasons why you Should Register a Domain Name

Domain NamesFirst it should be noted that you do not have to get a domain name to have a web site. If you are on a very tight budget you can set up a site with a free provider such as your internet service provider or places like tripod and geocities which will cost you nothing. There is also the option of using free blog hosts such as WordPress or Blogger which enables you to start blogging about any topic and the blog is hosted on their servers.

However with all the new registration companies popping up making registration cheaper and the different options you have for a domain name, if you can afford the money to get a domain name I would recommend it. These days it will only cost you about $10 for a .com. It’s even cheaper if you get yourself .info which can work very well for information based websites, you can also take a .me domain name if you want to lunch a blog to express yourself and make people know you. Some of the advantages to having a domain name are:

1. More prestige, a domain name is considered, whether it is or not, more legitimate if it has its own domain name.
2. More control over your, with free web site companies you have more restrictions and sometimes you will have to display their ads.
3. More access to different programs – some companies that help you promote or help you earn revenue, will only accept your site if it has it’s own domain address
4. A constant name, if you switch service providers your web address will change but with a domain name you can take it with you to any hosting company you choose.
5. A sell-able name – although it’s not likely you’ll get the 350 million that business.com received (although this wasn’t just for the domain name, but the whole business), you can resell a domain name and if it’s something decent it will more then likely increase in value.

Before registering a domain name for your website, you can take a look at our list of tips on how to choose the perfect domain name for your business according to your needs in today’s competing market of domain names.

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    Well i agree with you Zak and if you don’t have a domain and has no finance then zakshow.com is here to post your feeling and so on for free. AM i right ZAK

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    From many times i am trying to search what is the importance of URL registration? ..and very 1st time i thought it is just for backlinks…

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