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Video ResumeNowadays, there is a new creative way to create a resume that would impress employers, it’s to create a video resume your own way to supplement your ordinary resume. The video should list your degrees, qualifications, skills and other information you may want to add. I don’t say that getting or creating a video resume will get you a job or a better one if you already have one, but a video resume will help you promote and market yourself for the employment market.

If done correctly, the new model will give a blast to your career, a video resume helps to network and get more connections which is great for your overall score. But if done poorly, it may affect badly your chances to get a job interview and in the worst case a bad conception of a video CV can embarrass you and get all the doors closed to your face. That’s what one of my colleague did, he created a video resume with childish video effects done by unprofessional guys. It made the rounds of all the big companies and a lot of people laughed on it that they still remember it anytime someone unprofessionally try to impress.

Now we move to the practical part, if you want to create a video resume for yourself you need to have some technical skills to shoot the video or to use a video maker software for the video creation. But before you start, here are some great tips to keep in mind to create a professional highly presented video resume:

  • Keep it short: two to three minutes maximum
  • Keep it clean: shoot the video in a clear and clean ( your desk for instance )
  • Dress professionally: wear your best soot like if you are going to a real job interview
  • Check out for any background noise that would disturb your creation
  • Keep your head straight and look to the camera, focus!
  • Start by saying Hello and your name( first and last )
  • Speak with a normal tone, don’t speak too fast or too slow
  • In your speech or animation concentrate yourself on the professional part of yourself, don’t go too personal
  • Introduce your qualifications, skills and strength points to convince your employer to hire you
  • End your video resume by thanking the viewer and don’t forget to add a link to your website or live CV at the end of the animation.

You can use some great video resume creation service around the web, don’t trust everybody they are some fools that can make fun of you by doing it badly. But still there some great services as well, when I was in Australia, I created my first video resume using which worked well for me and it’s totally free for employers.

When done with your video, you can save it on a FLV, AVI or MP4 format then upload it to Youtube and other great career networking websites as CareerBuilder and Jobster. Before starting your video resume promotion, you can ask friends and family to review it to get a better feed back, then you can start promoting it online via professional social networks and adding the link to your resume.

At last but not least remember to not mix your professional and personal life in your video and bear in mind a video resume can never replace your traditional resume.

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