Saboteurs of Career

What differentiates a professional from one normal person? The experience and attention to detail! If the first is impossible in a short time, you can rematch paying enough attention to those aspects that can emphasize.

Recruitment specialists had prepared a list of the most common blunders that employees do during their careers. Read them, remember them and … avoid them!

Update your wall journal

Even if you are in a good position and you have not updated your CV, keep a list of projects, achievements and awards. Keep track of your accomplishments. They will help in the future!

About resignation!

No matter how tempting it would be to tell his boss what you think about when you sign his resignation would be better to abstain! You will definitely need recommendations, especially if you intend to stay in “guild”, not good to create your unnecessary dislikes. Be diplomat and start-up of yoga! 🙂

Where are many, the information grows

Do not rely only on the Internet in search of a job. It might be effective, it’s good to rely on other aid. Take Initiatives! Contact the companies for which you want to work. Nothing impresses more than your determination to reach a certain position in a particular company.

Also, you can use… social networks! Parents, siblings, distant relatives, friends – everyone will know what number to dial if they hear about a good job 😉

A lost letter … and found by many

Writing a generic letter is not good. For job that really matters to you, make the effort to write separate letters of intent and as goal-oriented.

As I said, employers appreciate the ambition and determination to get that job.. Show that you really want it!

Bad words

The question “why you left last job?” is inevitable in any interview. It’s so tempting to you engage in a broader socio-psychological study, taking the subject’s personality former boss … But don’t do it!

Nothing is worse than criticism in an interview a former job. Say general questions: you needed a change, I wanted more from all points of view etc….

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