Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be a great experience, especially when you don’t have any strings attached. You can go where you want to go, do what you want to do and see whatever it is that you want to see. You are free, alone and very vulnerable to attacks. Before you go out on your trip and have fun, learn and write these security tips down. Women that travel alone are more prone to attacks than when they travel with a companion.

Some women are very spontaneous, they do whatever it is they want to do when they want to do it. You shouldn’t be like this when you’re traveling alone, you should always have a plan. You should know where you are going, where you will be and at what time you will be there. I’m not saying you have to time yourself, but paying attention to the time is required. You don’t want to be stuck in a dark alley in a bad part of a town that you don’t live in and you don’t know people! Do you?

Your plan should include the time of your departure and arrival. If you leave early in the morning you may arrive at your destination early afternoon. Of course this depends on the method you are traveling. When it comes to your safety, you want to arrive sometime during the day, at least a few hours before night fall. Being able to find your hotel, go out to eat, and get adjusted is plus. You don’t want to arrive late night and find yourself in a difficult and vulnerable situation.

Once you have your arrival and departure set you can move on. Start researching the place you want to go. What do normal people wear there? What type of language do they speak? What are the items that they buy? The last thing you want to do is attract attention. You don’t want to look like an outsider you want to blend in. The more you blend in the less vulnerable you are.

Since you are trying to blend in remember not to get too fancy, never wear expensive jewelry. I understand as a woman jewelry is a great attraction, but sometimes it’ll attract the wrong attention. The type of attention that will get you hurt. Leave your jewelry in the hotel, or better yet, leave it at home.

Another safety and security tip when traveling is always be aware of your surroundings. You don’t need to always look over you shoulder, but taking the time to look around non-chalantly and observe will always help out. Just in case you have to run, you’ll know where to run to. Good luck and wish you a safe vacation!

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    October 15, 2010 at 09:18

    Indeed, the number one rule that a woman should always remember is never ever wear expensive jewelries while traveling alone especially when going through dark alleys. Thanks!

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