Samsung Galaxy S III Hits Sprint on July

Samsung Galaxy S IIIOver the past three years, Samsung has dived deep into the tech world to jump over the overwhelming demand for its Galaxy S smart phone. The phone that started off with a small release has now been praised to be one of the leading Samsung brands in the world. With sales estimated to top over ten million devices, Samsung actually delayed the release of the new S III. The phone, which was supposed to be released last week, was put on hold due to the overwhelming demand it caused at some of the leading North American carriers. Sprint reported several million in demand along with Verizon and AT&T.

Both Sprint and Samsung have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S III would be available in stores on July 1st. This is only applicable to American customers as the first of July is Canada Day for the entire northern portion of North America. There are two different storage options available on the S III, which are 16GB and 32GB. As of the first of July, you would be able to purchase the Galaxy S III in stores and online from a number of carriers and retailers. The 16GB Galaxy S III has been priced at $200 while the 32GB goes for $250.

The other carriers that will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III are T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. The new flagship device will be offered in Canada as well. For Canadians, there is currently a shortage of devices, which is making the release date awfully pushed back. The Canadian carriers that will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S III include Bell, Rogers, Telus, Videotron, Virgin Mobile, SaskTel, WIND Mobile and Mobilicity. Check back often with your local carrier to get information on when pre-orders and shipments will start.

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