SAPHIR Concept The First Moroccan and Arab High Tech Brand

Youness FEJLAOUIYouness FEJLAOUI, professor and founder of the brand SAPHIR Concept, the first Moroccan and Arab label of high technology products with moderate prices. SAPHIR’s philosophy is to democratize the access to high technology products. The founder has quickly entered to the business world, since he was 21 years old, Mr FEJLAOUI created his first company. CEO and professor in reputed universities, his ultimate goal is to manufacture his high quality products with reasonable prices in a Moroccan factory to defeat the rude competition of big players in the industry like Apple and Samsung.

The idea was born on Internet with a Facebook page showing a concept design of the first Moroccan smartphone which got a huge success, and reached 10K likes and thousands of comments, suggestions and shares in a couple of weeks only! So it was time to get serious and start producing high quality high technology products with reasonable prices to meet the local market demands.

SAPHIR ConceptBased on Casablanca, Morocco, officially started on 2011, SAPHIRConcept develop and market it’s products to be sold on the Moroccan market. At first, The company started by Smartphones, a product with huge demand in the market nowdays, after that SC will continue the innovation in the tablets and screens area. The company has for now 3 models of Smartphones, the first one is the ASTERIA, followed by the LIXUS MX1 and now SAPHIRConcept is marketing the 3rd one, a best seller the LIXUS MX2.

The Asteria, when announced made the buzz on itself by overtaking some powerful devices in the market, the smartphone have a powerful Quad-Core Cortex A7 processor of 1.2 GHz with a 1GB of RAM. The LIXUS MX1 was introduced to the public on 2013 and it offers a wide range of new features such as a high resolution camera, a sleek design and a wide 5 inches IPS screen. The evolution continue with the second smartphone for the LIXUS serie, the LIXUS MX2 earlier this year made a great success moving the brand to a new level and harder challenges.

The great matter about this company is that before they do anything they follow a golden rule: Know exactly what your customer need and prefer to create a product that can satisfy almost everybody. For now it has 3 new smartphones concepts, 3 new designs with different features and specifications: The OZOD, OURANOS and NYX. And SAPHIR continue in the innovation path by introducing 4 new products this month, they are ready to start a new range of products, more sophisticated, more intelligent: the tablets and the smart watches. So what are you waiting for? Live the difference with SAPHIR Concept!

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    December 15, 2014 at 19:22

    Oh I never knew that a Moroccan brand for electronics is already available on the market, I’v been there twice and it was a great experience. Next time I’ll check them out!

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