Secure Flash Drive-Avert Security Breaches

In recent news IT managers from Europe were questioned about the issue of frequent loss of ‘confidential data’ through the use of storage devices such as flash drives, USB and other storage devices. It was extracted that finally just one of the IT experts replied that their company didn’t use such devices at all to minimize any such risk.  With the advent of more and more usage of flash drives across the world, the need to secure or used secure flash drives has become the utmost requirement element in keeping away from flash drive security breaches.  Let’s say in simpler terms that the flash drive is easily prone to loss, thefts and becomes a speedy mode of data- corruption.  And henceforth it becomes inevitable to finding more prominent ways to securing it from various kinds of breaches.

Although the gadget comes handy for data operations, let’s first glance at the basic problems of breach security which most of the users face:

1. Using or connecting flash drives to any computer or gadget other than our own. This increases the risk of virus transfer into such devices.

2. We don’t check whether our flash drive is well encrypted or not as security is the last thing which comes to our minds. Although there may be a number of other hazards that cause problems considering the former and taking necessary steps would reduce the risk of security breaches to a minimum level. Tech savvy people are now focused on using well secured flash drives for future safety of their data. They have in-built anti-virus software which keeps away the chances of any virus upload on the operating system using the flash drive as its usual medium. The use of secure flash drives helps in avoiding the risks of attack to the potential data that is stored. However there are some USB flash drives that also feature the encryption of data stored on them while some possess the ‘finger-print’ recognition software that is a built-in one as an added security improvement feature. Such an encryption is necessary to prevent the user from frequent threats caused by any unauthorized person or any computer-criminal for that matter. The most primary and a strong defence is the complex password authentication process which works effectively to avert breaches by the unauthorized user. This not only ensures the safe storage of your data but confidently provides a strict front end defence for thefts and creepers. Secure flash drives are readily available in the market with very modest additional costs as compared to the security given.

Additionally some personal steps taken by us would be to avoid copying any sensitive data to the flash-drives which are not secured or encrypted. Again if you have found some flash drive which is not yours or a lost one then Do Not plug in to your computer or other devices as it may contain malicious software or be an infected one.  Using appropriate security controls and implementing the right needful security standards will not only eliminate a significant source of risk but also lessen the repercussions of loss of any expensive data from the ongoing increase of data security breaches.

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