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SEO: Importance of Content

ContentOne of the least glamorous yet most critical aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Creation of Unique Content for your website. Most if not all Search Engines look for frequently updated, yet unique content to index on the web. The fresher and more relevant the content on your site, the better it will be for your SEO effort!

There are a number of reasons why this is vital to the health of your site.

More content gives the search engines more information about your site, If you have an article or two on your site then what your site is about can be very broad. However as you add more content the search engine spiders will have an easier time determining your site topics.

More content acts as more “Link Bait”. Link bait is simply good information, images or videos that inspire someone to link back to your site. As more sites link to yours, the search engines see your site as more relevant and in some cases as an authority site.

Fresh Information is key. Fresh information tends to get some precedence over older stale information. Imagine searching for your favorite team online, would you want to see information from 5 years ago, or would you prefer to see the most recent information about your team?

Formatting your Content

The proper use of “H” or heading tags, helps the Search Engines determine the most important topics on your page. You should have your keywords in the tags, if they make sense. Remember, even though you want your page to be liked by a search engine, the real reason to prepare content should always be for the user. The more users enjoy your content, the more likely they will be to return to your site for information.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is simply linking some of your on page content to OTHER parts of your own website.

What this essentially does is it tells the search engine that the keyword on this page is relevant to another page on your website. In addition, it gives the search engine spiders more crawling opportunities on your website.

If you put this information together, you should be able to create good content for your site, yet still make it readable to the search engines. Also keep in mind that as you introduce new content that the spiders will begin to crawl your webpages regularly. The more info you provide, the higher authority your site will have. The more authority you gain, the more people will find your site, the more people that find your site the more that can and will translate to sales.

Remember, even though sometimes the creation of new On Page Content can seem mundane, it plays a very important role is your SEO efforts. More importantly, it gives your readers a reason to return to your site!

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