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Search Engine Optimization is crucial to bring a specific website or an entire website-project to the top pages of the big search engines. There is no doubt, that Google is the search engine heaven. Over 80% of all searches worldwide are conducted trough Google.
This fact means that the website-owner and the Internet marketer are doing everything in their power to be at the top of the Google search engine.

A high ranking at the search engine equals to high website-traffic. Of course the topic of the niche product is also a major factor in terms of website-traffic. There are several methods to conduct search engine optimization.

The most important is to get a high PR-ranking. The higher the ranking the more likely your website is going to show on the first pages.
A high PR-ranking will be achieved trough quality backlinks to your website. Try to get backlinks by link exchange programmes and by receiving backlinks from other higher ranked websites, that share the same topic or that are at least related in terms of the website theme. 

Spread the word. The more often your website is mentioned in a positive way throughout the web, the better. For example you should publish your website’s link at the really big places like YouTube and Facebook.

Make a short movie about the product or service you want to sell and load it up to the network of YouTube. Don’t forget to mention your website’s link. Video platforms are an excellent place to get attention. It has a kind of viral effect. Some pages may get millions of views trough this media. Keep in mind to produce interesting or funny videos.

Social Networking is also a very strong tool to be known in the web. Many big networks including Facebook are allowing you to show your website link. Try to join fan pages with the same interests. Make new friends and establish fresh connections. Same thing here. Don’t forget to let them know about your website. 

Of course there are pay for SEO methods as well. Some companies are specialized in SEO marketing and able to help a webmaster to better rankings. Do some research on which companies you can trust, because there are many scams out there as well.

Discussion boards and forums are good SEO tools too. Join a discussion board that has the same topic as your website and post threads together with the link to your website in your threads signature. Go for the big forums, because they have a higher PR ranking and therefore more power to influence your own websites ranking. 

If you want to be successful online you must conduct SEO marketing. It is the most powerful method to get attention and therefore to finally sell your product or service to the audience.

SEO marketing is a powerful tool to the Internet marketer and the webmaster. Keep your website up to date and do publish fresh and unique content, the key to your success is high quality content.

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