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Seven Tips to Build your Opt-In-List

An opt-in-list is an e mail list which can be used to promote your business and to interact with your customers. It has been said that the money is in the list. You can make tons of money if you have a list of customers, who are interested in what you have to offer. For example, let us assume that you have 500 people in your opt-in-list and you offer them a product worth $100. If out of 500 members, only 5% purchase the product, you make $2500. Research has shown that people generally do not buy during their first visit to a site. Repeated contacts are required before they trust you and purchase from you. An opt-in-list helps to interact with your customers on a regular basis so that you can gain their trust. It helps to have your ready-made customer group. The following tips would help you to build your own opt-in-mailing list :

1. The most important thing is to build a lead capture page, which will capture the email addresses of your visitors. It is recommended to create a separate page with only the sign-up form in it. Make sure that your visitors know exactly what they are going to get by subscribing to your list.

2. In exchange of their e mail addresses, offer your subscribers something of value. Give them some of your best stuff. You may offer them a report, a free e-book, an e-course or similar things relevant to your niche. For example, if you have a dating website for men, you may offer them five weekly reports about how to attract girls.

3. A sign-up form may be placed on the top of all the pages of your site. This includes the home page and all the inner pages. The sign-up form should be placed at a prominent place so that all the visitors are able to see it.

4. A pop-up ad can be used to advertise the lead capture page. Small pop-up ads are very effective in capturing the names and e mail addresses of the visitors.

5. Instead of the common ‘Submit’ button, use something else. Words like ‘Subscribe Here’ or ‘Get Your Free Newsletter’ etc. are more useful in getting people’s attention.

6. The lead capture page may be advertised on traffic exchanges which are very effective.

7. Assure your subscribers that you value their privacy. Assure them that your are not going to spam and not going to sell their e mail addresses. The ‘Privacy Statement’ should be clearly mentioned on the lead capture page.

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